"Advertising and Portraying" is a project focusing on print media with the aim of becoming a cross-cultural content analysis approach to adverts and the way the human body (all genders and ages) is portrayed (scope BMI and body shape). The project focus is on ads promoting the industries food & drink - cosmetics & fashion - health & fitness, and object of study are all specialised periodical publishing, including magazines distributed via newspapers approaching health issues and / or targeting young men and women.

"The Selfie's Project" includes the individual development of digital media content (10-15 photos), during the time period of one week, by young adults ages 18-25 of all genders, followed by a personal narrative interview to each participant based on the content of each photograph and focusing on body language and surrounding environment as well as the dualism looking good/looking bad.

"Media content production" is an audiovisual educational project (short animation film) with the objective of promoting positive body image in pre-adolescents (ages 7-9) all genders. The project includes an analysis of similar existing projects and specific literature review concerning animation and body image awareness in children. This is considered as a potential cross-group project dynamics through the co-operation with other task groups focusing on education for its dissemination and the evaluation of its audience impact.

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Media and Image Perception Task Group for the COST Action

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